Description of Selong Belanak Beach

Description of Selong Belanak Beach

   Selong Belanak is a very beautiful beach and is packed with tourists and locals.It is quite hot there but sometimes there’s some shade so yeah, it’s nice. There are two sides there,the quite side, and the busy side. In this description, we are going to describe the busy side.

   The sand ofthe beach is very light, and it’s soft as well. It gets stuck on your feet, and the wet sand is very squishy. The ocean has different shades of blue and it has waves that are quite big. In the distance, you cans see some mountains, there is also a mountain on the end of each side of the beach.There are tons of trees and also some shells.

   The beach is filled mini restaurants and cafes that serve cold beverages and snacks. The waiters and waitresses are kind and will tend to you whenever you need it. You do haveto walk for about three minutes to get to the nearest restrrom, unles, you don’t mind going in the bushes.

   Thereare a lot of locals and foreigners surfing. They don’t only surf though, they also sunbathe, tan, swim, and so on. The locals werefishing, swimming, relaxing and etc.

   There were some animals there too. Such as : birds,crabs, hermit crabs, a squirell, and that’s about it. Believe it or not I actually saw a squirell in the trees.

   All of the foreigners that we interviewed were very kind. And my surprise, none of the people we interviewed came from Australia. They all came from different countries. The first person we interviewed was called Marc. And he came from Ireland. The second person we interviewed was called Damien, he came from South Africa. And the last person we interviewed was called Fausta, and she came from Italy.

   Well, this isthe end of the description. We hope you enjoyed it. And, a tip from us, go to Selong Belanak beach, the views are all so...breathtaking.

 Ciao! Au revoir! Adios! Daag! Sampai jumpa! Aloha! Good bye!