Selong Belanak Beach is located at Central Lombok. Selong Belanak is about 35 km from Ampenan City. This beach is near hills.

There are many tourists when holiday in Selong Belanak Beach. Many visitor likes to do sunbathing there. The color of sand is white like milk. Selong Belanak always has big wave that tourist always uses to do surfing .If you want to go to the toilet you must pay around Rp. 5000. Selong Belanak also has a good view that many tourists take a picture. There is many crabs that live on the sand. On the sea there are so many boats that catch the fish. This beach also near with Kuta Beach.

This beach is so beautiful but not many people know about this beach. If you visit it you will want to visit it again.

You will not regret to visit this beach even though the journey is little difficult.

Group name:

Jeremia Steven Dalla/14

Ralph Jeremmia ZS/20

Owen Orlando/18

Mathew Brandon/16

Stephen /22