Experience Of Olympic Victory & The Pride Of Parents

Experience Of Olympic Victory

Last December I took part in WIMO Final Round competition which was held in Tokyo, Japan.
I felt really excited about it since I knew it’s winter in Japan which meant I could see and play snow.
The competition itself was very tough because only gold award winners from TIMO and HKIMO final round can join it. My mom and auntie helped me to prepare and practice for an hour everyday. 
I was a little nervous on the day but my family encouraged and cheered me. I worked on the questions well and confidently. The organizer announced the result later that day, and I got the bronze medal. 
I am happy that I participated in this competition for I had learned a lot from the experience. I was able to improve my skills and make friends with students from many countries. We also had the opportunity to study with teachers from abroad in the training sessions. 
I hope to be able to participate in more competition in the future so as to improve myself further.

By: Chester Allan Cahyadi kelas 2B

The Pride Of Parents

As a parent of Chester, I am proud of his achievements until now. The WIMO final round was certainly one of the toughest competitions he has joined so far. 
We studied from past papers and learn tricks to tackle hard questions. 
I feel grateful that he did not get discouraged easily. He had his ups and downs before the final day, but eventually he accomplished good result.
We were satisfied for his bronze medal because we know this competition was one level up from the previous ones. I am happy to see his skill and self-esteem improvements. 
We hope to keep on supporting him in more competitions in the future.

By: Mother Ailyna

Experience Of Olympic Victory
Experience Of Olympic Victory
Experience Of Olympic Victory